Koukouli is located in central Zagori. It is one of the 46 villages of Zagorohoria, scattered in the mountain range of Pindos. The word Zagori has a Slavic root meaning the place behind the mountain. They are located in the center of the Vikos-Aoos National Park.

In the area is the deepest gorge of the world in proportion to its width, the gorge of Vikos. The area has rare flora and fauna. It is characterized by unique beauty. The ravine crosses the tributaries of Voidomatis. There are many stone-built incomparable beauty and architectural bridges that connect the villages to each other.

The ravine is an attraction for thousands of tourists every year from the world who can enjoy the magic of nature at any time of the year by hiking, cycling, climbing, rafting, horseback riding and participating in local events.

Apart from the excursions to nature and bridges, the visitor can also visit Lazaridis Folklore Museum in Koukouli, the Folklore Museum of A. Toli in Kipi, the ancient settlement of Molosses in Vitsa, monasteries and churches inextricably linked with the region, which complement the relief of the natural landscape.


This route starts from the west side of the village, where for a few minutes we take the road to Ioannina. Then follow the stone path that leads to the Bridges Bridge crossing to about 15 ‘. The bridge was built in 1748 by A. Messi and joined Koukouli with Vitsa.

We can continue the hike by climbing to the next path we meet after the bridge and 30’ to get to Vitsa village.

Starting from the main entrance of the village we take the road leading to Ioannina.In the location of Saint John with the characteristic fir and the gazebo we follow the sign left for an idyllic route to Kipi in the forest.

In 15 minutes after the stairs we arrive at the bridge of Kontodemos or Lazaridis outside the village of Kipi in the gorge of Mikro Vikos (Vikaki). In the next steps going to the right, we leave the Kipi and meet the specially renowned Kalogeriko or Tritoxo Bridge.

The beginning of the route is just below the village square and the duration of the hiking is about 20 ‘. Here we meet the famous one-arched bridge. He took his name from local miller Kokkoris, who made money for his repair in 1910.

It is also known as the bridge of Noutsos as the original financier for its construction was Noutsos Kontodimos.