Folklore Museum

What you will see

At the Museum of Flora and Fauna located in Koukouli, there are medicinal plants and herbs of the Zagori area, which were used by the well-known “witches”. They were doctors of Zagori who made curative mantles from the plants of the wider Vikos area. Kostas Lazaridis, from Koukouli, collected from the wider area of ​​the Forest 1240 different plant species, which belong to 96 of the 149 plant families worldwide.It has been operating since August 1990 and is housed in a traditional house that donated to Rizario with his botanical collections and other museum material – archival material, this late Zagorian teacher, folklorist, naturalist and writer. There, the visitor and the scholar will find historical letters, documents, old texts, folklore anecdotes, old newspapers and a rich library. It was founded and operates with a donation from the Rizarios Ecclesiastical School.


It has been operating since August 1990

More than 1250 different plant species from the wider region of Zagori

His intellectual production consists of 53 books, 25 reprints and 88 articles in magazines

Collection of minerals, folklore and old photographs

Price Per Person 0,00€


Experience a beautiful sightseeing tour in a wonderful time home worth visiting. Ideal visit from students, school students and families.

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