Kalogeriko bridge

What to See

Although it belongs to the Koukouli community, the “Kalogeriko bridge” or “Plakida bridge” as it is called, is located a few meters before the entrance of the village Kipoi Zagoriou.
It is a three-pointed stone bridge with a length of about 55 meters and a deck width of more than 3 meters, while on the side instead of a parapet there are sparse arcades.
It is one of the most famous stone bridges of Zagori, a wonderful sample of the high folk technique and aesthetics of the time.

It was built in 1814 and cost 20,000 griss granted by the Abbot of the Monastery of Prophet Elias of Vitsa, Seraphim. The monastery of Prophet Elias maintained a water mill together with a water nozzle and the construction of the bridge was made to replace the old bridge in order to makes the passage safer. The old bridge was wooden and was built in the middle of the 18th century by Negadiotis Zotos Roussis, who spent 8,000 griss for this purpose.


It was built in 1814

Eugenios Plakidas in 1912 provided money for repair.

In 1964 it was designated as a preserved historic monument

Opening an arc 15m

Arc height 6.7 m

Deck area 56m

Price Per Person 0,00€


From the few thirds bridges that exist, any time of the year and to visit it, its magic and imposing will impress you.

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